Venus Hospital has the most impressive and accurate service for the patients with latest technological methods with experienced Consultants in Srilanka. We have 24 hours OPD(Out-Patient Department) service including Pharmacy, High facilitated Laboratory Etc.

As well as patients will experience affectionate hospitality from our service crew and they will guide you from start to discharging.

  • 24h OPD service
  • The Best Consultant Service in Sri Lanka
  • Pharmacy
  • Surgical facilities
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • In ward facilities


Its service in regard of the medical diagnostics is constituted with Medical Laboratory Service which is mainly supervised by an experienced medical laboratory technologist and guided by a panel of consultants comprised of a pathologist, a microbiologist, a haematologist and other complementary services which are in aid of diagnosis of your matter, and it is assisted by a cardiographer, in case of an ECG/24 hour ABPM/Halter Monitoring indicated or by a radiographer in case of an X-ray indicated….
and there’s facilities to get done any other essential modality of investigation …..

  • High Facilitated Laboratory
  • Service of best Pathologists
  • Service of best microbiologists
  • Service of best Hematologists
  • ECG scanning
  • X-ray filming Facilities
  • 24 Hour ABPM


Venus Hospital is the ideal place for aid of spectacles, Contact Lenses, OTMC Filters, Photochromic glasses, Cooling glasses or any of your vision solution & optometrist in getting the service of sophisticated  investigative modalities such as Perimetery, Visual Field Testing, Biometry and other common ophthalmological testings such as Refraction, Visual Acuity, Colour Vision etc. and it’s a pleasure to be declared thatits one of FOUR stations  in WHOLE ISLAND where OTC Scanning is available.

  • OTC scaning(one of FOUR stations  in WHOLE ISLAND )
  • Contact lences
  • Perimetery and Visual Field Testing
  • Refraction
  • Colour Vision Testing
  • Trabeculectomy, I&C and I&D surgeries

Moreover, it has been the shelter for wide variety of therapeutic modalities done by genius panel of ophthalmologists, to be exemplified in name,Laser Therapy, Phaco-emulsification+IOL, which have been the latest options in empowering the vision faded by cataract formation as a complication of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertensive ophthalmopathy


And also it is the centre for intravenous injection of Avastin (bevacizumab) as a treatment of unnecessary neovascularization due to hypertensive and diabetic retinopathies. And also it serves as the place for various other ophthalmological surgeries such as  Trabeculectomy, I&C, I&D etc.

We provide best comfortable rooms for the patients who are wiling to have individual rooms as well as we have clean and comfortable in ward facilities too.

Patients can meet MO(Medical Officer) 2h in Venus Hospital on every day.  

You can experience 24 hour OPD(Out-Patient Department) an get treatments an time in our Hospital

Visual field testing is also providing for eye patients with standard methods

Venus Hospital provided special facility to do laser treatments for their eye patients with modern technology.

We provide you highly facilitated laboratory service for our patients 

venus Hospital including a 24h pharmacy section with qualified pharmacists.  

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  • Ultrasound Scanning / ECG / X-ray

Dental Services From Venus Hospital